Monday, March 17, 2008

Edison Chen's Photo Scandal: Cecilia Chung heading for divorce!

Edison Chen's photo sex scandal has apparently hit Cecilia Chung badly. Her career and marriage seemed to be hanging at the edge of the cliff. Her recent advertisement for a China's personal hygiene product was halted by several Chinese TV station and was sued by the Chinese authority for violation of rules and regulations. Cecilia's marriage is also on the rock as rumours had that her husband, Nicholas Tse is determined to file for a divorce.The media did not help that lately, a TV interview with Cecilia Chung years ago where she acknowledged that she did not love Nicholas Tse (then boyfriend) and in fact had somebody in mind whom she loved deeply, was circulated in the net.
Yesterday, a Hong Kong's lawyer association leaked news that Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Chung had both signed the separation agreement and will only announced the divorce after 1 year of separation.

There are insider's news that Nicholas Tse's mother, former HK actress Deborah, had been monitoring Cecilia Chung's every move to prevent her from running away with her baby son, Lucas. Deborah had in earlier news claimed that the Tse family is prepared to fight for Lucas's custody at all cost.

As for Cecilia's unborn child (she's rumoured to be 3 months pregnant), Deborah was rumoured saying that it is Cecilia's decision to keep or abort the child and the Tse family shall not have anything to do with her from now onwards. Since then, Cecilia's mother in law, Deborah had remained mum to prevent further speculation and also stopped the HK media from calling and hogging her handphone lines every day.

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