Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cecilia Cheung under stress after Edison Chen's sex photo scandal

After being exposed as one of the women involved in Edison Chen's explicit photo scandal, almost all of Cecilia Cheung's works are halted, and she is now under tremendous stress and financial pressure.

Apparently, Cecilia Cheung was persuaded by her mum to buy a house, worth HK$3.93 million, in Hong Kong Yuan Lan district for investment recently (See pic below). Cecilia's mum and her mum's boyfriend are staying in the district.As the house is more than 20 years old, an overhaul renovation is needed either to sell or rent it. According to Hong Kong latest"Next Magazine", Cecilia's mum had requested for the best building materials for the house. But after 1 week of renovation, Cecilia Cheung was bugged with the Edison Chen's explicit photo scandal, her nude and explicit photos taken by Edison Chen were circulated widely in the internet. Cecilia's works came to an almost complete halt after her Chinese advertisement on a hygiene product was banned and sued by the Chinese authority for violation of rules and regulations.
On 28 Feb, paparazzi from "Next Magazine" overheard Cecilia's mum talking and complaining loudly on the phone (See pic above) to Cecilia on the mass created in the house(See pic below). She requested Cecilia to do something about it.
It was also reported that, even though Cecilia Cheung is already married to Nicholas Tse, she still needs to support her own family financially.

So it seems that Cecilia Cheung's recent flare of temper to her son and maids are not unfounded.

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