Thursday, March 20, 2008

Edison Chen's Sex Scandal: Gillian Chung seeks Divine help in Thailand

Gillian Chung was spotted in Thailand seeking divine help! She was secretly shot by a witness using his handphone (See pic below).

According to reports, a small bunch of hair from Gillian, about 5 cm long, was cut and put in a plastic bag. The White Dragon King who perform the ritual, was then heard chanting and said,"The boss is ok, but the singer is not ok!"The White Dragon King is refering "the singer" as Gillian Chung and "the boss" as Albert Yeung, CEO of Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG). Albert Yeung had apparently brought the group Twins (Gillian Chung and Ah Sa) to the White Dragon King Temple in Thailand to pray after Gillian was badly affected by the Edison Chen's sex photo scandal. The Twins is on the verge of breaking up after the scandal due to diving decline in Gillian Chung's popularity. Witnesses said Albert Yeung was in dismay after what the White Dragon King had told him. The White Dragon King in Thailand is very popular with Hong Kong and Taiwan celebrities seeking divine help. Edison Chen's boss, Lim Jian Yue, was also in Thailand recently to pray and seek advise.

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