Saturday, March 8, 2008

HK Socialite: I do not know Edison Chen!

Cai Jia Yi, one of the speculated woman among the 8 Wealthy Family Daughters in Edison Chen's explicit photo scandal, is "screaming" out loud that she does not know Edison Chen, whether socially or in private. Her dad is a HK toy magnate and political member of China parliament. She is a CEO of a Health company herself. Cai has decided to sue the HK"Fast Magazine" for an article in the No.498 edition for suggesting that she is one of the HK socialites involved in Edison Chen's sex scandal. She had demanded an apology and compensation.

Cai said she will advertise in major magazines to clarify that she has not met Edison Chen, does not know him socially or privately, and neither has any work connection with him.

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