Thursday, March 6, 2008

Edison Chen Photos Scandal - 8 Wealthy Family Daughters Involved

During investigation, besides 2 previously released silhouette of female celebrities, the Hong Kong(HK) police had also revealed that Edison Chen's photos scandal could involve some women from wealthy background.

The 8 silhouettes of the wealthy daughters were described by HK police as:

  1. Third Generation (Girl A): Speculated as Huo Yong Shi, granddaughter of Huo Ying Dong, a Hong Kong business tycoon engaged in property, construction, shipping, crude oil etc.

  2. D-cup Meaty Girl (Girl B) : Speculated as Li Yi Lin

  3. Healthy Image Girl (Girl C) : Speculated as Cai Jia Yi, daughter of Cai Zhi Gang, CEO of a HK listed toys company.

    1. Princess "Casual Clothes"(Girl D) - Speculated as Xing Jia Qian, step-daughter of former actress Lin Qing Xia and daughter of Xing Li Yuan, boss of Espirit.
    2. "Food daughter"(Girl E) - Speculated as Pan Chu Ying whose father is in the food industry.

    3. Enemy of National Treasure(Girl F) - Speculated as Lu Tian Er, ex-girlfriend of Huo Qi Gang (brother of Girl A), who previously ditched Chinese national diver Guo Jing Jing ("national treasure") to be with her.
    4. Big Eyes Caucasian Girl (G) - Speculated as Han Jun Ting, also from a rich family and is also a B-list actress in HK.

    5. Idling Wet Girl (H) - Speculated as Xie Ting Ting, sister of Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung sister-in-law. Reported to ever in record "step on 6-boats(boyfriends)" at one time.

    6. Some people are criticising the ways Hong Kong police are handling the case, which seems to have fuelled more speculation of the women involved by releasing these silhouettes. What do you think?

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