Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nicholas Tse:"I knew what Cecilia Chung did in the past"

Nicholas Tse showed his wedding ring to prove to the media that his relationship with Cecilia Chung is still intact and is not in the middle of a divorce. He was attending a media conference for his new movie "Feng Yun Episode 2" yesterday where he was bombarded with questions on the Edison Chen's sex photo scandal instead of his movie. Nicholas Tse apparently wore his wedding band and a pendant with "Love" together on a silver necklace (See Pic below) to dispel all rumours surrounding his marriage with Cecilia Chung, one of the women involved in Edison Chen's explicit photo scandal.
Nicholas Tse also denied that Cecilia Chung is pregnant and that he had already knew of her past before marrying her.

He said,"We didn't know that the whole issue(Edison Chen's photo scandal) would be blown up in such a big way......I hope it could be over soon and that nobody would mention about it again......"

Asked by reporter if he would want to have another kid, Nicholas replied that he hoped to have another son as there would be more things to worry on a daughter. He also claimed that Cecilia Chung is currently not pregnant.

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