Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Zhang Zi Yi embarrassed at the Olympic Lighting Ceremony

Zhang Zi Yi wrote in her blog yesterday that she was upset she was not included as one of the Olympic torchbearer after being shortlisted. The media also suspected that it got to do with an embrassing momemt at the recent Olympic Lighting Cermony held in Olympia, Greece.Apparently, she was invited by the Chinese official to witness the Olympic Lighting Cermony in Olympia, Greece on Monday, 24 March. However, she was only given a media pass instead of a VIP pass. The embrassment came when she was stopped by security officer while trying to enter the Hera Temple where only those with VIP pass could enter.
Though her co-worker tried to explain to the security officer that she is a "Superstar", Zhang Zi Yi was still refused outside the temple and had to follow the main crowd in witnessing the event.

The Beijing Olympic flame was ignited in a traditional sun-ray ceremony at 11:45 a.m. on Monday at the Hera Temple of Ancient Olympia, Greece(See pic below).
Greek actress Maria Nafpliotou, playing the role of a high priestess, kindles a pot with the Olympic flame during the Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony. (Pic above)
Whereas Taiwanese singer cum actor, Wang Li Hom (see pic above) was excited and elated that he is the 17th torchbearer in the Olympic Lighting Cermony.

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