Friday, March 14, 2008

Edison Chen's Photo Scandal: Cecilia Chung Pregnant?

After Edison Chen's explicit photo scandal, Cecilia Chung had been lying low, particularly from the HK media for a while. But last week, HK "Next Magazine"managed to snap several photos of Cecilia Chung in her newly rented apartment.
The report said that Cecilia Chung had apparently slim down tremendously, perhaps due to the pressure and stress from the photo scandal. She was caught carrying her baby son, Lucas, and seemed to be scolding her maids for not washing their hands prior to preparing Lucas's food.

Cecilia Chung was also reported to be 3 months pregnant again as caught by her slightly swollen belly in pictures taken in her new apartment.

In fact, after the Edison Chen's photo saga, Cecilia Chung and her husband, Nicholas Tse had rented an apartment in HK "Aido Plaza" for HK$12,800 per month (See pic below) to avoid media attention.

According to Cecilia Chung's close friend, Nicholas Tse had requested for separation with Cecilia in the initial period of the Edison Chen's photo scandal. However, Cecilia refused and both parties agreed to sleep in separate rooms instead. And Cecilia had tried hard to use her son to mend the relationship with Nicholas Tse.

Nicholas Tse is due to work on a new film "Feng Yun" in Thailand from next month onwards, and Cecilia Chung was reported to be bringing her son to Thailand for 3 months to keep Nicholas company.

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