Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gillian Chung's Twins partner, Ah Sa breakdown

After Edison Chen's sex photo scandal, Gillian Chung had been avoiding the Hong Kong media glare by going overseas for two months vacation break, her Twins' partner, Ah Sa had got all the wrong media attention instead. And Ah Sa is facing a breakdown, according to latest reports from Hong Kong "East Magazine" and "3 weekly". Ah Sa was reportedly facing tremendous pressure answering the media's questions regarding Gillian Chung whereabouts after Edison Chen's explicit photo scandal. She was also asked to take over some of Gillian Chung's movie role and singing commitments. Hence she loses a lot of weight due to loss in appetite(see pic above)and meeting tight datelines. Ah Sa was also spotted buying eye drops to cure her red swollen eyes(see pic above)as East Magazine reported that she was seen crying almost daily at home due to the surmounting pressure and develops insomnia lately.On the other hand, Gillian's celebrity beau, Juno Mak(pic above) was reported to be talking to Gillian daily on the phone and rumoured to have met Gillian overseas to celebrate his 24th birthday lately.

Juno was also replying to Ah Sa's criticism that he should have written clearly and not hinted in his blog on an overseas resort escapade with Gillian Chung,"What I've written in the blog was just like writing my diary to my fans, if they choose to make speculation, I couldn't help on that...".

Ah Sa apparently was asked by the HK media several times if Gillian had an overseas escapade with Juno Mak after what he had written on his blog.

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