Friday, March 7, 2008

Edison Chen Sex Scandal Includes Singapore Socialite?

Edison Chen’s collection of racy sex photos are increasing in numbers as Hong Kong police go through files in his computers. The number of girls implicated is increasing too. The latest batch of girls are apparently not from the showbiz scene but rich and famous socialites from HK and Singapore.

It is believed that one of these girls includes a Singaporean and is a teenage daughter of one of Singapore ministers! As with any other Edison Chen's beau, she is pretty, outgoing and loves to party.

During one of her luxury yacht outings with Edison, he immortalized their intimate sexual encounter. It is rumored that they even had photo shots of them making love in the clear blue seas off Phuket.

Kira, the person who has been releasing these photos on the internet, is rumoured to have only just over 1300 photos out of the total 10,000 found by HK police. Kira has about 900 photos yet to be released. He apparently tried to sell the photos in Hong Kong but there were no interested parties. Instead he sold this set of photos to Mohd Ali, rumoured to be a businessman in Malaysia, for a handsome price of US$500,000. Kira has claimed that he is not in this for the money, so we should expect more pictures to be release.

As to why Kira is not creating this scandal for money? Stay tune, more juicy news on the way.....

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