Thursday, March 20, 2008

Edison Chen is secretly back to Hong Kong from US

According to a Hong Kong tabloid magazine, Edison Chen is a spotted with a Caucasian girl in a Hong Kong hotel far away from the town centre lately. He was apparently staying on the 9th floor (see top right picture below), a smoking floor of Emmy Hotel (艾美酒店).

Witness leaked news to the Hong Kong daily that on the 9 March about 5 pm, he saw Edison Chen coming out from Emmy Hotel, Digital Harbour(数码港). ".....he was wearing T-shirts and jeans, shopping in Digital harbour shopping centre with a Caucasian lady in her twenties. He seemed relax and was joking with the lady, but he quickly bent down his head when he discovered somebody starring at him...."

After Edison Chen went back in Hong Kong for public apology and assisting HK police investigation last month over his sex photo scandal, he reportedly flew back to the US to embark on his Hollywood career. He had signed up with a Hollywood based, William Morris agency

The Hong Kong Daily reported that their reliable source had informed them that Edison Chen merely took a round-about trip via Bangkok instead of flying to the US last month. He did not stay in his house in the exclusive Mid Hill district or the Four Season Hotel as he did previously. Instead, he had chosen Emmy Hotel which is far away from the crowded Hong Kong town centre.

Apparently, Edison had planned to migrate to the US permanently and hence decided to settle some of his personal errands in Hong Kong before his new movie course starts next month. The report also mentioned that Edison had reached an agreement with Emmy Hotel that in any case of "emergency", he will leave the hotel via a secret passage.

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