Monday, March 10, 2008

Edison Chen's Photo Scandal: 2 Women had Sex Disease

Edison Chen's explicit photo scandal seems to get revolutionary news each week!

This week's edition of Hong Kong (HK) "Fast Magazine" had dogged news that 2 celebrity women involved in Edison Chen's scandal are suspected to have sex transmitted disease.
The news had triggered fear in the HK celebrities vibe as it is not uncommon for some HK celebrities to have multiple sex partners. According to HK"Fast Magazine", one of these two celebrity women had initially refused to seek treatment and had passed the sexually transmitted disease to her boyfriend. That's when news leaked among the HK media.

Both HK female celebrities are apparently C-listers described as:

"Rapped Cocktail" (left) - Usually a 'vase' in HK dramas or shows but rumoured to have "night jobs" and was driving fast cars even in her early twenties.

"Yellow rapped car"(right) - Early thirties but is semi-retired in HK entertainment industry; Often quarrel with the directors, assistants and labelled "moody ghost" by them; Like to travel and indulges in feng shui; rumoured to set up"feng shui" in her house to lure men.

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