Monday, March 31, 2008

Nicholas Tse erratic behaviour on streets of Hong Kong

Nicholas Tse was spotted on last Friday evening, 28 March, behaving strangely on the streets of Hong Kong. He was seen in running shorts, wearing gloves, sunglasses and a silver jacket jogging on streets of Causeway Bay, smiling widely to onlookers and fans.When one of the fans requested to take photos with him, Nicholas obliged.

He was then seen uttering some words to his driver before dashing across to HMV in Causeway Bay. He was apparently enquiring something in HMV, after which running back to his car before his driver drove him home.
Tabloid news speculated that Nicholas Tse could be under tremendous stress from Cecilia Cheung and her mom, Deborah after the Edison Chen's photo sex scandal, and was hence behaving erratically to face off pressure.

He had a week ago appeared in his new movie's press conference clarifying that his relationship with Cecilia Cheung is still intact by wearing their wedding band and a "love" pendant together on a necklace. But he was close to half his usual size with sharp jaws prominently seen.

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