Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gillian Chung out of CCTV Beijing Olympics Show

After being identified as one of the women involved in Edison Chen's photo sex scandal, Gillian Chung's career had taken a big toll. Her group Twins is literally not invited to a high profile CCTV Beijing Olympics show in end April though many of her fellows singers and actors in Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) like Nicholas Tse, Joey Yeung and Yumiko are confirmed in the list of attendees.According to unofficial reports, Beijing CCTV had taken a strong stand against performers with any "unhealthy records or image" due to the incoming Beijing Olympics in August. CCTV had apparently blacklisted Edison Chen, Cecilia Cheung, Twins(Gillian Chung in particular) and even Tang Wei, lead female stars in Lee Ang's latest sex thriller movie Lust Caution.

Nevertheless, Twins's Manager, Huo Wen Xi, said that,"Gillian is on leave and her partner Ah Sa is filming a movie in Thailand now, so Twins could not attend the CCTV show.......Nicholas Tse will be appearing in the show...". The irony is that Nicholas Tse is also cast in the same movie as Ah Sa.

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