Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Which record company will Jolin Tsai & Stephanie Sun go after EMI closed Asia operation?

According to a website "One Two Music", EMI will cease their Asia Pacific operations and will not produce any Chinese music records after Easter Day on 25 March.

A media checked with Vice President of the China operation, Ms Joanna Huang and she replied,"There are no signs that EMI is ceasing their Asia Pacific operations......EMI is a big international company and we will definitely inform the media if there is any announcement."

EMI Asia signed powerhouse singers like Taiwanese Jolin Tsai (see first pic below), Ah Mei -Zhang Hui Mei and Singaporean Stephanie Sun.According to reports, singer Ah Mei, Zhang Hui Mei (below) claimed she will stay with EMI records regardless of any movement or changes as she had worked well with Ms Joanna Huang in producing her records.
Last year, an investment company, Terra Firma had bought UK based EMI Records for GBP3.2billion and the new CEO, Guy Hands (See pic below) had announced to slash over 2000 jobs to cut expenses.Fans will be eagerly waiting for news of Jolin Tsai or Stephanie Sun should EMI Asia Pacific annouce their closure of EMI Asia Pacific operation.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my!
I don't really care where she goes, but Stephanie Sun must keep coming out with music. Her voice is a treasure!

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