Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Edison Chen and Shu Qi to be cast in same movie after the sex photo scandal

Taiwanese media just revealed that an American independent film maker had invited Edison Chen, the man at the centre of a celebrity sex photo scandal, and Shu Qi to film a new movie based on a love story. Both Edison Chen and Shu Qi's managing agency had confirmed the invitation from the American film maker, who intend to invest about US$10m on the new movie.The filming location will be helm between Singapore and Chicago, US. According to Edison Chen's agency spokesperson, the American film company is thoroughly aware of the Edison Chen's sex photo scandal, but they do not seem to mind. The film maker apparently think that an actor's private life had nothing to do with his acting skills, and hence invited Edison Chen to be cast in the movie.

The media also reported that the deal was arranged by Edison Chen's new managing agency, Hollywood based William Morris. The independent American film company had also partner with Singapore Raintree Production to produce the new movie.

The love story is about a Chinese student (Edison Chen) studying overseas in America, who get to know a nice girl (Shu Qi) in Singapore when he was sent for an overseas work posting. They fall in love deeply but their relationship was strong opposed by Edison's family.

News had that Edison Chen is tossing between New York and Los Angeles for film auditions during the weekday in US. And he will fly to Boston during the weekend to meet his girlfriend, Vincy Yeung, who is currently studying there.

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