Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Edison Chen allowed to continue meeting Vincy Yeung

Edison Chen's supposedly future father-in-law, Vincy Yeung's dad did not object to Edison's continue meeting his daughter. "I do not interfere with Vincy's choice of friends, let's see how they continue from here."Below is Hong Kong's newspaper, Ming Pao, questions and answers with Vincy's Dad (see pic above):
Q: Did you contact Edison Chen?
A: My daughter, Vincy, still keep in touch with him, but not me.

Q: Can you verify that Edison Chen tried to kill himself after proposing unsuccessfully to Vincy?
A: I haven't heard of that. Vincy told her mom that she did not intend to get married so early.

Q: Have you forgiven Edison Chen?
A: (Pause and smile)Nothing to talk about forgiving or not forgiving, that's his private affair.

Q: Edison Chen hoped everybody can give him a chance, will you?
A: Everybody decides on their own path, that will depend on him.

Q: Do you like Edison Chen?
A: I treat my daughter and son similarly as I treat my friend, I respect them.

And on Vincy Yeung's nude photos being circulated during the Edison Chen's photo scandal, he said,"As a parent, off course I'm not happy about it."

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