Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miley Cyrus Bra Flashing Pictures Hit Web

Photos of a girl bearing a close resemblance to superstar Miley Cyrus, 15-year-old, are making the rounds on the Internet.

One photo shows the Cyrus look-alike tugging at her white tank top to reveal a green bra. In another shot, she flaunts her bare midriff while draped over a young male, who rests his hand on her hip. Another shot shows her cuddling up to the same guy.

This isn't the first time risque photos of someone resembling Cyrus have circulated online. In recent months, shots have surfaced of a girl posing in her underwear and bikini.

Cyrus, star of the TV show "Hannah Montana" is role model for countless young girls. Cyrus' "Best of Both Worlds" tour sold out arenas, and her successful 3-D concert film collected $31.3 million in its opening weekend in February.

The upcoming "Hannah Montana" movie will be filmed in Tennessee and Los Angeles, beginning early next month. The movie is scheduled for release May 1, 2009.

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