Saturday, April 5, 2008

Prince William and Kate Middleton's Striptease

In a rare display of public affection, Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton cozied up on the dance floor Thursday at a raucous charity event in London. Middleton – in a pink strapless dress with a pleated skirt and a flower at her waist – kissed her boyfriend of five years as the pair boogied.William twirled her around as the pair danced to Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti" and then to Guns N' Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle."
"They looked happy and so in love," says a guest at the burleque themed-bash."
"Kate was smiling so widely and they looked like there was no one else in the world when they were dancing."

Both William and Middleton averted their eyes as a stripper performed. At another point, William blushed (and Kate giggled) as a female singer presented the Prince with a rose – putting it between his teeth. He promptly removed it and stuck it in the ice bucket holding a bottle of vodka. And the couple sang along enthusiastically during a drag queen's Southern-flavored rendition of "Purple Rain."

Prince William and Middleton skipped the afterparty at favorite royal haunt Mahiki.

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Middle Man said...

It is such a shame. Kate Middleton could do so much better:

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