Saturday, April 12, 2008

How Sarah Larson Met George Clooney

Sarah Larson, former Coctail waitress and Fear Factor winner, has George Clooney, one of the planet's most eligible bachelors, deadly infatuated with her. And now Sarah Larson opened up about how she snagged George Clooney.

Although it's been widely reported that the two met at the June 2007 Ocean's Thirteen premiere at the Palms Casino Resort on Las Vegas, she says they actually met much earlier.

"It was on his birthday three or four years ago at Whiskey at [Las Vegas's] Green Valley Ranch," Larson says, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. The actor was with a group of pals, including Whiskey Bar owner Rande Gerber (Cindy Crawford's husband). "I was with some friends. We were all dancing, taking pictures, being silly."

At that time, Larson worked as a cocktail server at the venue – but she was dating someone else. Then, when Clooney arrived in Vegas for the Ocean premiere last summer, "he heard I was working at Moon [nightclub]." The actor tracked her down, she says, and "we hung out." A month later, he invited her to go to Italy.

As their one-year anniversary approaches, Clooney and Larson can certainly look back on a very eventful year.

They've survived a motorcycle crash. They've ruled the red carpet at film festivals and the Academy Awards. And, the Review Journal reports, she's even met his parents. Next up for the couple? Clooney, who turns 47 next month, will whisk Larson away for a vacation at his Italian villa.

It's a trip, she said, that could help her burgeoning modeling career. George Clooney is very supportive of her career, she added.

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