Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Prince William Lands Helicopter in Kate Middleton's House

Prince William was under fire after he had landed his £10million army helicopter in girlfriend, Kate Middleton's back garden during an official military exercise.

Kate Middleton and her parents are said to have watched in delight as the second in line to the British throne practised a series of take-offs and landings in the paddock of their sprawling detached home in Bucklebury, Berkshire, earlier this month.
Reports said that Prince William, 25, came up with the idea of taking the helicopter to Berkshire, claiming there was a shortage of landing spots in Hampshire where he was based for part of his attachment.

After the plan was approved by his instructors, the prince flew the 16 miles to Kate Middleton's family home where he completed one circuit of the field at the back of her parents' million-pound house and practised landing and taking off in their paddock.

He then piloted the helicopter back to Hampshire for further tuition. The entire operation is estimated to have cost around £30,000.

Details of the two-hour stunt emerged just days after the prince was heavily criticised for using another Chinook to fly himself and his brother Harry to a stag weekend on the Isle of Wight.

The revelations have raised questions about the way in which the prince was allowed to fit his "intensive" four-month training course around his social life. Prince William had apparently taken time off to go on a boozy boys-only surfing weekend in Cornwall and a week's holiday ski-ing in the Swiss alps with his girlfriend.

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