Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Edison Chen in new MTV with Josie Ho

Edison Chen may have "disappeared" in the Hong Kong entertainment industry after his sex photo scandal, but singer cum actress, Josie Ho Chao Yi (casino tycoon Stanley Ho's daughter) new MTV with Edison Chen will still hit the music market.

The MTV for Josie Ho's new music album, "Elastic Rock", was recorded in last December, and was not released after the Edison Chen's sex photo scandal created havoc and bad publicity for the actor in end January this year.

In this MTV for the song titled, "Repay", Edison Chen has to act as a clown puppet and Josie Ho was requested to kiss Edison in a scene. (See pic above and below)

Josie Ho's talent agency had initially advised her not to release this MTV due to Edison Chen's bad publicity, but Josie rejected it. She felt that Edison Chen had done her a favour by appearing in the MTV amidst his past busy schedules and was grateful for that.

Josie even teased that she is the most daring female celebrity to release "intimate" photos with Edison Chen currently,"This time I don't need Kira to upload the photos to the internet." Josie was one of the rumoured wealthy daughters involved in the Edison Chen's explicit photo scandal.

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