Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Juno Mak Fires Back at Edison Chen

Singer Juno Mak fires back at Edison Chen's online remark,"Edison has too much resentment towards Hong Kong and the people, I wouldn't bother so much about what he said, besides he always talks that way....."

Juno is Gillian Chung's beau and Edison Chen's fashion business competitor in Hong Kong. He recently made comments comparing Edison Chen's fashion label, "CLOT" and his own brand "THE SILLY THING", hinting that his fashion brand is more "high class". Edison Chen hit back explosively with,"PLEASE TALK SxxT TO MY FACE!"

A restless Juno was doing a recording yesterday when he claimed that he did not intend to create a spat with Edison Chen in public.

Despite saying that, he continued,"....we handle things differently, I spoke my mind, whatever he had replied is none of my business...."

"......I am not directing at anybody, I was differentiating the target audience of our labels, I don't understand why Edison said that, he is too resentful, I am just doing my job......"
Edison Chen's "JUICE" boutique has just re-opened last Friday, Juno also boasted that he has many opportunities to work with other overseas label and is not afraid of the competition.

The media continued to ask if he thinks that Edison Chen's EQ is low, Juno replied that he is not close to Edison but quickly hinted that his EQ is higher,"I don't flare up as easily, it's not about EQ, I just be myself".

Oooh.....wonder if Edison Chen would continue the spat war?

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