Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jackie Chan & Jet Li New Movie :"The Forbidden Kingdom" Premiere

Jackie Chan and Jet Li's new KungFu movie, "The Forbidden Kingdom”, premiered in Beijing yesterday. The public screening is set on 24 April.

Jackie Chan and Jet Li, along with director Rob Minkoff, action choreographer Yuen Woo Ping and actresses Liu Yifei and Li Bingbing, had earlier met the press at a media event in Beijing on April 14 to promote the movie. Rob Minkoff is also director for animated movies like "The Lion King", "Stuart Little" and "The Haunted Mansion".

During the Beijing premiere yesterday, Jet Li had brought his daughter (see pic below) along and managed to steal some limelight from the other actresses.

The movie revolves around a Kungfu-obsessed American teenager (Michael Angarano) who somehow time travelled into ancient China where he meets up with some martial art masters and sets on a quest to free the Monkey King.

The critics are lukewarm about the new KungFu movie.

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