Sunday, April 20, 2008

Edison Chen Hits Back at Juno Mak in an US Online Magazine

Edison Chen was interviewed by a US online magazine on 18 April via email. Besides updating his latest move, Edison Chen had also apparently hit back at actor Juno Mak (Gillian Chung's beau), who competes directly with him in the Hong Kong fashion business and lately made some ill comments about Edison Chen's fashion brand "CLOT".

Edison's "Juice " boutique in Hong Kong with god-brother cum partner, Kevin Poon had just re-opened on Friday, which coincides with the release of the "Business As Usual" T-shirts. Edison Chen was not present at the opening ceremony. Nevertheless, Edison Chen seems to prefer to be secretive with a hood covering his upper face in his latest photo for the interview.

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

How are things going? What have you been up to lately?
Things are going good... I am chilling and relaxing and focusing my energy on things other than Hong Kong entertainment, it has been refreshing and chilled... I've been in the States meeting people, chilling and making moves... Big things to come from the CLOT boys starting from the re-up of JUICE and onwards... I am currently working my axx off to get healthier and even stronger for when, IF I EVER come back to Hong Kong..... I am settled now and I am feeling good...

Hitting back at Juno Mak :
"............I feel sorry for the people who saying and talking shxx about CLOT saying their brand is better and whatever, we at CLOT will never speak about who is doper or who is hotter, we let the people decide. We aren't dictators we are just a creative bunch with a knack of knowing what people will be liking in the region....... We let our work speak for ourselves, so for the PERSON or the PEOPLE talking shxx about EDISON CHEN or CLOT whilst i am not in town, I say this to them, PLEASE TALK SHxx TO MY FACE and start doing up ya labels and shit cuz we coming back harder. CLOT JUICE ACU EDISON CMD we all coming hard so watch out now, cuz I CAN SEE YOU but YOU CAN'T SEE ME. I am usually never one to talk shit but i can't be left silent forever. I am a peaceful man now and i dun wanna start nothing but i am stating a lookout message for everyone............."

Edison Chen also mentioned that he is working on some charity functions currently and hoped that his entertainment career in Hollywood could take off where he left Hong Kong. He said his talent agency, William Morris agency is working on that.

Edison Chen also appeals for forgiveness in the interview,"......but to b honest i am just trynna chill and live my life. LET ME LIVE BABY LET ME LIVE......."

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