Monday, April 7, 2008

Cecilia Cheung ignored by Nicholas Tse in Thailand

Cecilia Cheung had trailed Nicholas Tse all the way to Thailand barely a day after he left Hong Kong to film his latest movie project. It was apparently a suprise visit but Nicholas Tse was so focused in his filming that he largely ignored Cecilia Cheung after she rushed to meet him on the first day at the shooting location.Cecilia Cheung had flew to Thailand with his baby son, Lucas, her sister, a maid and few assistants.(See pic below)It is her first public appearance after the Edison Chen's sex photo scandal. She had initially begged Nicholas Tse to let her and son stayed in the same hotel, Emporium Suites, as with the whole filming casts of "Feng Yun II". Nicholas Tse, who is concerned that the media might "ransack" the hotel for their news and affect the other crew members, refused and Cecilia Cheung had to check-in to Four Seasons Hotel instead.According to some support crews of the movie, Cecilia Cheung had brought her 8-month old son, Lucas to their filming location. But after Nicholas Tse refused to carry him, Lucas was throwing such a huge tantrums that Nicholas had to request Cecilia to leave immediately.Nicholas Tse was however all smiles and relaxed when entertaining the media requests and questions on his wife, Cecilia. (See pic above)

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