Friday, April 4, 2008

Nicholas Tse dtiched Cecilia Cheung to film in Thailand

Nicholas Tse headed alone without Cecilia Cheung and son yesterday to Thailand for filming of his latest movie "Feng Yun II". He and Gillian Chung's Twins partner, Ah Sa were both flying to Thailand for the overseas shooting of the movie and were spotted at the airport separately (See pic below). Nicholas Tse was in a rather good mood and readily answered reporters' queries while his assistant helped him to get his boarding pass.

He said that he would be filming in Thailand for two and a half weeks. When asked if Cecilia Cheung and son will be tagging along, he said,"I'm going myself". Reporters pressed him further and he said he can't answer for that before quickly entering the boarding gate.

Rumours had that the lead casts in the new movie are apparently not pleased that Nicholas Tse, who is a supporting cast, had taken the spot light during last week movie's media conference. The media had choosen to focus on Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung's marriage after the Edison Chen's sex photo scandal rather than the movie. And hence Nicholas Tse had to ditch wife, Cecilia Cheung and son to film in Thailand alone.

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