Monday, April 28, 2008

Park Eun Hye's Wedding Day

Korean actress, Park Eun Hye, 30, married her entrepreneur boyfriend, only known as Mr Kim, 34, yesterday in a wedding ceremony held in Shilla Hotel, Seoul. Park Eun Hye's husband has so far never appeared in the media despite the curiosity surrounding him.

The beautiful bride, wearing a 3 billion won tiara, held a press conference at 9am in the morning but the the media was barred from attending ceremony held from 12 pm onwards. Many of her celebrity friends came to give their blessing ( see her best friend cum celebrity, Rachel Han Chae Young pic below).

Park Eun Hye, apologised to the media for the absent of her husband and said that she did not want to "burden" her husband with all the unwanted media attention like what her brother experienced during his wedding.

She thanked her husband for his understanding and listening hear during the conference. And Park also expressed her wish to have 2 kids, ideally a boy and a girl.

Park Eun Hye continued her filming today before flying to Maldives tomorrow, 29 April, for her 3 days 2 night honeymoon.

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Anonymous said...

oh wow 3 bil won !! that's about 2.5 mil USD wowowowow im so happy she's rich =D

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