Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cecilia Cheung suprised Nicholas Tse in Thailand

Yesterday, we just reported about Nicholas Tse ditching Cecilia Cheung to film in Thailand. A day later, Cecilia Cheung trailed Nicholas Tse all the way to Thailand, taking her baby son, Lucas along.

Nicholas Tse had flew to Thailand on Thursday to shoot a new movie for approximately ten days. And Cecilia Cheung and their son was not seen tagging along as rumored earlier when Nicholas Tse was spotted at the airport.Cecilia Cheung apparently wanted to surprise husband, Nicholas Tse, and called him only when she reached Bangkok Airport. She then eagerly took her son to visit Nicholas Tse at the movie shooting location and later ate dinner with the whole casts. After which, Nicholas and Cecilia prayed at the famous four-faced Buddha, a favourite praying place for Nicholas Tse's mom, Deborah.

Cecilia Cheung's manager, Emily, did not denied the report, but she smiled when queried and did not comment on Cecilia's Thailand trip. Looks like Cecilia Cheung is really trying hard to gain Nicholas Tse's trust after the Edison Chen's sex photo scandal.

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